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PLAYERS: A netball team consists of up to 12 players with 7 players allowed on court at any one time. A team may take the court with a minimum of 5 players.
​Basic Netball Rules 
Netball Court Showing Starting Positions for a Centre Pass
Position nameAbbreviationAllowed inNotes

Goal ShooterGSEnemy goal third including goal circleOften, but not always, defended by the opposing Goal Keeper. Main role is to shoot goals, by working closely with Goal Attack to achieve positions in the shooting circle where one can receive passes from the feeding mid-court players

Goal AttackGA Center and enemy goal thirds including goal circleOften defended by the opposing Goal Defence. As well as sharing the Goal Shooter's role to shoot goals, the Goal Attack is responsible for helping to set up offensive play

Wing AttackWA Center and enemy goal thirds excluding goal circleOften defended by the opposing Wing Defence Main role is to move the ball from center court to an attacking position. Accurate passing using a variety of styles including bounce passing, drop passing and faking passing is important in this position

Center CAnywhere except the goal circlesInvolved in defensive and offensive plays, and responsible for restarting play after a goal is scored. Players in this position require a high level of fitness.

Wing DefenceWD Center and own goal thirds excluding goal circleUsually defends against the Wing Attack Often involved in blocking offensive plays from the opposing team, and may also be called upon to guard against the Goal Attack or Goal Shooter by preventing them from entering the goal circle.

Goal DefenceGD Center and own goal thirds including goal circleUsually defends against the Goal Attack. Main role is to assist the Goal Keeper in defending the goal against the opposing shooters.

Goal KeeperGKOwn goal third including goal circleA specialized defensive position. Often the last person who can keep the opposing shooters from scoring. Also responsible for taking throw-ins in the defensive third of the court. Accuracy in passing and predicting where the ball will go are keys to playing this position well.