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Advantages of  Playing Netball 
Team Sport: all kids get to play as the ball has to change hands within 3 seconds before advancing 
Non- Discriminatory: Not age, weight, or sex restricted  
Everyone gets to play youth and adults, males and females
Grade based age protected
Teaches discipline and respect 
ages 5-45 and older
Increase motor skills: eyes,
 hands and feet coordination

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Healthy live style while having fun
NYSA senior team in South Florida came in
second in the 2015 NYSA/City of Lauderhill
Netball League. 
Netball is now in Jacksonville Florida.  The sport was introduced in this year through camps, clinics and exhibition games throughout different parts of the city.
It is time to get ready for the 2016 NYSA Netball leagues for youth and adults in South Florida and North Florida.  Register early and take advantage of early registration discounts.

Learn to Play Netball
bearfootgfx's channel  


Let's Play Netball
New South Wales

The Legends Center
5054 Soutel Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32208

9:00am - 6:00pm